Discover the Beauty of Vietnamese with Our Specialized Courses!

Are you ready to embark on a journey to explore the vibrant culture and the rich tapestry of the Vietnamese language? At Center for Foreign Languages Can Tho University, we offer a range of dynamic Vietnamese courses designed to meet your specific needs and interests. Whether you're planning a trip to Vietnam, seeking career opportunities, aiming for certification, or fostering a love for languages in your children, we have you covered.

Scheduling Flexibility: Personalize Your Timetable

Experience the convenience of tailoring your own schedule to suit your needs.

Course Locations:

  • Onsite: Join us at the Center for Foreign Languages, Can Tho University, Campus 3, located at No. 1 Ly Tu Trong Street, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho, for a traditional in-person learning experience.
  • Online: For the utmost flexibility, attend classes remotely via Zoom or Google Meet from the comfort of your chosen location.

Recommended Learning Pathway:

  • A1 Level (Beginner): 30 hours
  • A2 Level (Elementary): 45 hours
  • B1 Level (Intermediate): 60 hours
  • B2 Level (Upper Intermediate): 90 hours
  • C1 Level (Advanced): 90 hours

This structured learning pathway allows you to progress systematically through the language levels, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the Vietnamese language.


We are pleased to offer assistance in obtaining the essential "Letter of Acceptance" to support your visa application.

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  1. Vietnamese for Communication
    • Ideal for travelers and professionals.
    • Focus on practical language skills for work and travel in Vietnam.
  2. Vietnamese for Certificate
    • For those seeking official certification to work or study in Vietnam.
    • Comprehensive language instruction and exam preparation.
  3. Vietnamese for Kids
    • A fun and interactive program for children interested in learning Vietnamese.
    • Engaging activities, games, and cultural exploration.
  4. Vietnamese for Bilingual Development
    • Designed for kids looking to learn and practice Vietnamese with Vietnamese peers.
    • Also caters to Vietnamese children seeking to improve their English with native speakers.

Join us on a journey of language and cultural discovery with our diverse Vietnamese courses.


Từ thứ hai đến thứ sáu

- Sáng: từ 07:00 đến 11:00
- Chiều: từ 13:00 đến 17:00
- Tối: từ 17:30 đến 20:30

Thứ Bảy, Chủ nhật

- Sáng: từ 06:45 đến 11:45
- Chiều: từ 13:45 đến 16:45
- Tối: từ 17:30 đến 20:30
(Lưu ý tối chủ nhật không làm việc)



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