Letter of Invitation for Collaboration

Dear our potential volunteers

The Center for Foreign Languages, Can Tho University, established and operating continuously since 1991, is a top quality foreign language center in the region. The Center regularly provides English classes at all levels, along with teaching French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese for foreigners.

With the mission to develop a learning community, meeting the needs of learning and using foreign languages ​​for studying and research, working and traveling, the Center wishes to cooperate with volunteers who are individuals or organizations to jointly implement a number of language learning enhancement programs in 2024 and in the coming years.

Description of work: Volunteers can visit classes (either onsite or online) to share cultural knowledge and language learning experiences.

Conditions of participation: Volunteers who are native speakers of the given languages (English/French/Japanese/Korean/Chinese) are invited to participate in voluntary programs.

Benefits for volunteers: The volunteers can receive free Vietnamese language lessons.

Contact: For further information about the programs and collaboration, please contact Dr. Luu Nguyen Quoc Hung (lnqhung@ctu.edu.vn)


Từ thứ hai đến thứ sáu

- Sáng: từ 07:00 đến 11:00
- Chiều: từ 13:00 đến 17:00
- Tối: từ 17:30 đến 20:30

Thứ Bảy, Chủ nhật

- Sáng: từ 06:45 đến 11:45
- Chiều: từ 13:45 đến 16:45
- Tối: từ 17:30 đến 20:30
(Lưu ý tối chủ nhật không làm việc)



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